Why The World Needs Hemp

Let’s be honest, the earth is in bad shape. Humans are polluting this planet at a faster pace every year. The future looks bleak for humankind.

We have grown accustomed to a way of life that is unsustainable. If we keep producing and wasting like we are now, we won’t last another hundred years. Even if we are able to live in a deforested, waterless and extremeley polluted world, is this the world we really want to live in? Shouldn’t we at least try to make things better?


We need to start taking responsibility for our role in polluting this world. Even though individually we are not to blame for all these companies polluting in mass quantities, we are the ones that consume what they make. Without us feeding them with our money, they wouldn’t have the means to create anything. We also need to stop waiting for governments or hoping that politicians fix these problems. They aren’t. They never will. Reason being, money talks and old habits die hard.

We as a society have become used to throwing away what we deem old and useless. We throw away precious resources all in the name of cheap prices and convenience. This kind of short sighted thinking has led to the problems we see right now.

There are massive garbage patches in the middle of the oceans, so much so that by 2050 it projected that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. THAN FISH!!!!!! Let that sink in for a moment. More trash, than fish. This is not a nightmare sci-fi film, this is what could very well be our reality in the not so far future. If that wasn’t enough, we are destroying our forests worldwide. This not only affects wildlife, it affects weather patterns. Irregular weather leads to droughts, floods and other natural disasters.

Dead Fish

The problem is so much more complex than simply labeling it climate change and blaming this country or that company. Let’s stop the blame game and actually do something about it. We need to stop using things that are bad for the environment.

Why are we cutting down trees that took decades to grow to make paper to wipe our ass with? Why do we use styrofoam, which is something that will not break down for CENTURIES, for single use items? It’s like buying a new car, only to use it one time. It makes no sense logically, but it does make sense economically. This is where hemp comes in.

Hemp, or rather industrial hemp, is hands down the best plant on the face of the Earth. Hemp can at this very moment replace many of the packaging materials we use as well as many single use disposable items. Hemp is not only eco-friendly, it is sustainable. You can grow hemp again and again on the same plot for years without degrading the soil and with very little to no pesticides, herbicides. Not to mention that hemp uses less water than cotton and corn and grows in 100 days, compared to the decades it takes for trees to grow.

If eco-friendly and sustainable isn’t enough to convince you, hemp products can be produced at a very low cost, environmentally and economically. There are already eco-friendly alternative out there for a lot of what we use in our daily lives. The biggest problem with these products is that, whether by choice or not, they are too expensive. An individual or a small business cannot afford something 50-100% more expensive just so that they can feel good about not polluting the Earth. No matter how much one might hate using plastic or styrofoam, they are super cheap and effective. The environment usually comes second to our personal well being. This means that even if someone wants to buy something eco-friendly, many times the price doesn’t allow them.

But what if there was a better alternative. A more affordable yet eco-friendly and sustainable alternative. This is what exactly what hemp brings to the table. Hemp in mass quantities can be grown and processed in such a way that costs are near that of its fossil fuel counterparts, roughly 5-15% more expensive. When given the choice between a plastic or styrofoam product or an eco-friendly, sustainable product that cost just a little more. The choice is much easier. Some may still go with the cheaper product, but a large percentage of people wouldn’t mind spending a few extra cents for much better for them and the environment. This is how we hemprove the world.

So instead of trying to break wasteful habits, let’s replace the materials that we use to create the waste. It is much easier to dispose or recycle hemp based products than plastic or styrofoam. In short, let’s stop trying to change the behaviors of the everyday consumer and instead provide them with a better alternative. One that is eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable.

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